Parallax Digital

A professional technology firm specializing in crypto assets, blockchain consulting and the development of digital infrastructures for business.

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We believe blockchain technology will dramatically transform the global economy.

We are a multi-disciplinary team with deep experience in the areas of finance, technology, banking, law, government, insurance and marketing. Our team members are characterized by their future-sight, fierce intellect and humility.   


Crypto Asset Investments

We employ an adaptive, multi-strategy approach including long-term, opportunistic short-term and speculative trading methodologies. We seek to identify unique projects with real world application backed by a strong team, fundamentals and addressable market. Our investment funds are managed with a commitment to exceptional returns for investors in emerging digital asset classes. 


Blockchain Consulting

We provide specialized business consulting in cryptocurrencies, blockchain applications and distributed ledger technologies. Our services consist of advisory, training and research specific to the emerging digital economy. 


Digital Infrastructure Development 

We create digital infrastructures on which businesses can build, organize and distribute assets. Our development projects are designed to be simple, resilient and adaptable. 


There's so much more to blockchain than just Bitcoin...

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